Replacing Windows in a Block House – Helpful Facts to Know Before You Start

This article will be useful to those who are interested in replacing windows in a block house. It is important not to commit any errors when you are undertaking this project or else it will cost you a lot of money and may lead to some discomfort. You have to be careful in using all the directions mentioned on the way of installing your windows. Just '' tack '' your old casings up temporarily. Chances are that you will have curtains covering them anyways. Take your accurate measurements for height and width. Double-check your measurements. Re-install your casings. Do this for any other windows that you have.

While you are proceeding with the task, remember that these are your rough opening measurements for "New Construction" style windows (frames and all). Use these measurements to start consultation for window ordering. (BTW-Be aware that installing New Construction style windows requires extensive work on the exterior areas for the nailing fins / flanges). Ask yourself when you are replacing windows in a block house, whether you want to install vinyl windows, fiber coated or another type.

Also, make sure that your windows are in their place or else they will leak. In the case of vinyl windows, just try to rake out any contained glasses and only leave the frame. Do the right measuring on the opening to be able to slip in the vinyl window.

Deduct only 3/8, just 3/16 on both sides to be able to arrange your windows according to this size. Try to get your flush fin and inform your supplier with your act. Get some trim strips and screw your windows in their places. Just before you finish fix insulation around the seen perimeter and install all the strips.

Source by John Mannas Jr

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