Sagging Skin Treatments – Four Top Low Impact Strategies To Know About

Your mood says one thing. But, look in the mirror and you get a different message. Sagging skin hanging off your upper arms, frown lines, smile lines, chin fat and spare loose skin creating the dreaded "turkey chin" look, sagging breast shape, saddle bag thighs, a big stomach resplendent with mounds and rolls. modern and you've got it all.

Luckily, science has been working hard for solutions to these body image issues. Skin flaps and floor-seeking saggy skin does not have to permanently sour your appearance and force you to buy from the Oversize wrack clothes choices.

Quick Safe High Tech Non Surgical Options. Skin laxity, like skin itself, is a complex concept that balances normal aging processes, gravity, the tension of your underlining muscles to lose tone, weight gains due to family genetics pregnancy lifestyle and more. When you're looking to create smooth skin you need to consider non invasive low impact strategies such as:

* Thermage To Tighten Loose Skin. Skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reducing is part of what high tech proprietary Thermalage treatments can deliver. The Thermage technology essentially converges electrical energy into radio frequency energy that can be intentionally targeted into your sub-dermal areas. What happens next is that heat builds up, and your body's natural response is to trigger the production of collagen in the treatment area. New levels of collagen produce more interior volume, which uplifts and incrementally lessens sagging skin. Skin tightening events even post Thermage as your body does what nature designed.

* BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections. It's hard to exaggerate the popularity and cosmetic and medical benefits created by proprietary BOTOX® Cosmetic. Here's how BOTOX® Cosmetic works to reduce creased forehead wrinkles and saggy skin. Injections deliver BOTOX® Cosmetic into under muscles, which relax their built-up tensioning. Result? Relaxed muscles, in turn, relax the upper skin layers so that your skin looks smoother. BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments hold for a number of months before repeat treatment is necessary to re-address naturally occurring saggy skin.

* Microdermabrasion And Chemical Peel. Low volume wrinkles, lines and sagging skin symptoms can be effectively reduced with topical resurfacing, where the outer layer of skin is carefully removed, to reveal lower fresher tighter skin tissues.

Electing the "Hammer And Tongs" Options For Reducing Sagging Skin. If your body has gotten out of control and you're looking to complete some necessary body sculpting that would reduce saggy skin, skin flaps and excess body fat, then you may have to consider going to the Big Guns of body shaping. Option? Cosmetic surgery such as a body lift, tummy tuck, arm lift, breast augmentation along with liposuction to "harvest" excess body fat deposits. Results possibilities? Radical body shaping results can be created in a single operation performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. Literally 10s of pounds of fat and spare loose skin can be surgically removed from a fat stomach or a fat butt or fat thigh, associated with a full body lift operation. Risks? You've got to be moderately healthy in order to simply qualify for cosmetic surgery. There's going to be some "hurt" with any surgery, bruising, tenderness, down time from work and play and more.

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