Prostate Milking – How to Intensify Orgasm and Enlarge Erection Size Instantly

Prostate milking is a technique used to massage the prostate gland for sexual pleasure or medical benefits. When your prostate is stimulated, it will lead to high level of sexual pleasure and powerful orgasm. In this article you will learn how to conduct prostate milking properly to intensity orgasm and enlarge erection size.

Getting Started

It’s highly recommended to involve your partner to help you with prostate milking for maximum pleasure. Prior to massage, empty your bladder to avoid urination in later stage. If your partner has long nails, have her to trim it. Alternatively, she can use a latex glove to serve as barrier to avoid discomfort on your prostate. Next, watch an adult movie together and make yourself relaxed and excited.

External Prostate Milking

Your prostate can be stimulated externally and internally. External prostate milking involves stimulating your perineum. Perineum is the small diamond-like spot in between testicles and anus with sensitive erectile nerve.

Here’s how external milking work: have your partner to massage your buttock with warming lubricants. Then, she gently rubs your perineum in slow and consistent motion.


Internal Prostate Milking

Have your partner to slide her finger inside your anus. As you exhale, her finger slides up to locate your prostate. She will find a bean-like lump about 2 inches away from base of penis, which is your prostate. Then, she gently strokes your prostate with crooked fingers until you reach orgasm.

Tip: When she is doing her job, try squeezing your PC muscle as though you are doing Kegel Exercise. It will exponentially intensify the sensation. 

Source by Lee John