A Patriarchal Address: All About Beard Butter

Beard Butter


As we review Beard Butter the question is which look should you go for: the Beckham’s full classic beard or the Brett Keisel’s challenge-the-hacksaw-cut beard?
You wonder.  Both are magnificent in their own ways, but not necessarily endearing in your way. The soft, the manageable, the well-kept, the under-toned hairy – that is what you prefer.
Sorry, Brett Keisel, you look great but we don’t have the style you have to justify the look.

“What next?”
Something that can make your dishevelled beard look nice and soft.
Welcome to the next Patriarchal Address in our blogging series, and today our address is:

All About Beard Butter
Unkempt and the family of scraggy, this post is for you, exclusively for you.

What is Beard Butter?

It is a beard grooming product that helps keep your beard well moisturized, giving it a look that is tamed, soft and all the while glorious. In addition to that, beard butter also helps soothe irritation – a common issue that our bearded community often complains about.
Err… That sounds like a product which is similar to beard balm.

Aye, it is.  In fact, if you look at the ingredients of the two, both have same constituents:

Essential Oils

Carrier Oils



But, the formulation ratio of these ingredients, differs in a beard butter and in a beard balm.
In a beard balm, the composition of beeswax is high, on the application of which you get a strong hold. However, that also makes your beard dry.
With these beard moisturizers, the composition of butter is high and beeswax is low (some products do not even contain beeswax). This gives you a comparatively lighter hold but a more softer and well moisturized look.

Types of Beard Butter
It comes in a variety of types, with the primary difference being in the formulation of each type of beard products.
– with beeswax.
-without beeswax.
Beard butter with varying compositions of shea butter and cocoa butter.
People having sensitive skin should preferably use beard butter without beeswax, and one which comes with high composition of shea butter.
Beard products with beeswax iare usually recommended for people who have normal skin.
As for people who have oily skin, they should look for a product that offers a balanced composition of shea butter and cocoa butter.
Can Beard Butter Help with the Growth of Beard?
It can help with the growth of healthy, normal beard. But, if you are expecting hair regrowth, then you are likely to be disappointed.


Here are a few of our top picks:


How to Apply Beard Butter?
The application is simple, quick and easy.
Just scoop out some beard butter and place it on your palm. A little amount would do fine. Work it into the palm of your hands and then, gently apply it uniformly over the hair fibres of your beard. Make sure you work the roots of the hair fibres. Comb at the end, to give a structured look to your beard.
And, you are ready.

As a bonus, we would like to share with you some of the best beard butter products available in the market. Because at Beardcarezone.com, we believe in having magnificent beards – and we are good people, great people, in fact helpful people.


Wild Willie’s Beard Butter  – One of our absolute favorites!




Rogue Beard Balm


We also like Maestro’s Classic Mark of a Man Beard Butter and

Fresh Beards Beard Butter

There you have it some of our best featured products!

Until the next Patriarchal Address:
Long live the beard