How to Perform Mustache Shaving – Without Any Pain and Skin Irritation

Shaving is the best method for men to remove the unwanted hairs from the face. Men use shaving for the beard and mustache. Shaving for the mustache should be done carefully to avoid the pain and irritation. By following the proper steps and precautions, mustache shaving can be easy, quick and painless.

The mustache should be wet before the shaving. It can be done by using warm water. If the hairs are coarse or thick, a little hair conditioner can be used to soften the hair. But it should be rinsed out thoroughly of the mustache before starting the shaving.

Before shaving the mustache, it should be trimmed down by using a scissors or a trimmer. The scissors should be sharp to avoid unnecessary and painful tugging motions. The trimmer should be set close to the skin. It makes it more effective to ensure a smooth and painless shave.

A good quality shaving cream, which produces lather in good amount, should be applied on the mustache. It is better if a cream or gel that contains moisturizers like aloe Vera or vitamin E is used. It soothes the skin after the shave.

The razor should be of good quality. Cheap and disposable razors should be avoided. Regular or bladed razor can be used as they remove hair more quickly and easily. The shaving should be performed against the hair growth direction. Too much pressure should not be given on the razor. It causes cuts and nicks. The razor should be rinsed off after every stroke.

After the shaving, the skin should be rinsed off thoroughly. The cream should be removed completely. Then again the shaved skin should be rinsed off with cold water. It soothes the skin and closes the pores and also reduces the skin irritation. Oil or lotion on the shaved skin should be applied. A cream containing aloe Vera or vitamin E is the best for eliminating any itchiness and discomfort.

Source by Dinesh Junoon